“This blog be v…

“This blog be very messed up.” C.C.

“She tried to make adjustments to her blog, but it just got worse and worse. She’s a poet.” Inner voice of C.C.


2 thoughts on ““This blog be v…

  1. Hello C.
    This blog needs to learn
    to flow.

    “…One must start at one’s
    beginning. One must
    throw away one’s ‘oars’,

    he’s kvelling back to me.
    And still my fingertips
    are struggling on square keys.

    And my brain is coughing
    harshly, and my heart
    begins to seize, when

    the bottoms of my footsoles
    slide, like oil, against the floor.
    Yes, I’m trying! I shriek loudly,

    Seeking waterways thru doorjambs,
    pipes transgressing window panes!
    Ways to loose the craft! to swim!

    He says it’s more like floating.
    So I ask him, like a duck? My “I”, my
    concrete-anchor pronoun, back at work.

    C. Chiosi

    • Hi Mark, Hadn’t seen this when you wrote it! I check my wordpress blog religiously once every three years. Don’t know how to make it work and don’t really care to spend the time to figure it out….. 🙂 I have a complicated history with technology. Hope you are well,

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